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  • Part number: ABL-100 Autobalance Detector
  • Release date: 2016-09-01
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ABL-100 Autobalance Detector

  • Smaller, more compact design
  • Easily removable magnetic lid to aid the alignment process
  • Power supply upgraded to standard USB mini charger
  • Smaller input aperture forces proper alignment through polarization optics.
  • Easier access to moving Wollaston prism to accommodate different wavelengths.
  • Loopcurrent is easily measured by setting a switch - no more blocking a single photodiode.
  • New motor and gearbox design allows for higher speed balancing.
  • Metric (M6) and imperial (8-32) threaded mounting holes.



Among various photonic approaches to detect broadband THz waves, the most common methods are Electro-Optic (EO) and photoconductive sampling.During many experiments, the balance point changes with distortions to the probe beam.  To compensate, the operator will typically rotate the QWP manually to move balance point back to the position near zero. For experiments in vacuum or inert gas, manual adjustment is not practical because the system is in the sealed chamber, making the QWP stage inaccessible. The best solution is to use an ABL-100 auto-balanced detector, which will automatically rotate the QWP to maintain balance in the system.


Power Supply:

±5V DC, 0.15A

Input Optical Power:

10 mW Max


780nm – 800nm

Detection Bandwidth:

Reverse Biased (Default):

Unbiased (Option):

10 Hz to 1 MHz

10 Hz to 10 kHz


Voltage Mode:

Current Mode:

±5V Max Output

±500µA Max Output

Output Connections:




3-Pin C-grid [Digikey PN# WM2901-ND]


4.5” x 2” x 2” (L x W x H)


0.8 lbs

Operating Temperature:

-10°C to 50°C


±5V  Power Supply

SMA Cable

SMA to BNC Adapter


  seconds after the automatic shutdown

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