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  • Part number: GCT-120101 Precision Translation Stage and Accessory
  • Release date: 2017-06-06
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GCT-12 Precision Transaltion Stage and Accessory

GCT-120101 Precision Translation Stage can be attached to cage system in order to provide local translation of optic. Our GCT-120101 Precision Translation Stage offers up to 6.5mm displacement controlled by micrometer drive.

  • Accracy:1μm.
  • Travel:±6.5mm
  • Accessory:GCT-120111 Φ25.4mm Optic Holder and GCT-060202 threaded holder.


GCT-12 Precision Translation Stage and Accessory


Part No.



Translation Stage


25.4mm mirror holder


objectlens holder

  seconds after the automatic shutdown

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