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Mach-Zehnder Interference Kit Function introduction

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Mach-Zehnder Interference Kit Function introduction

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Mach-Zehnder Interference Kit

Function introduction

The laser beam is split into two equal transmit and reflect beams through the beam split prism. Two beams are reflected by a 45° incident mirror separately and merged again via a beam split prism. Interference fringes can be generated on any planes through the combined laser path, and the interference fringes characterizes the difference in wavefront and phase of the two beams. The angle between the two beams determines the density of the interference fringes. When the two beams are plane waves, the interference fringes will be distributed in the light field with ideal straight stripes.

The two interference arm directions are formed by inserting two sets of optical rods perpendicular to each other to form a rectangular distribution, and the two interference arms are equal to each other to ensure the maximum coherence. The upper and lower layers of the rod are firmly inserted to ensure high stability of the interference system. The two mirrors could be tilted in two-dimension to control the angle between the two beams to adjust the dense of the interference fringes. The two interference arms can be inserted with different lengths of rods for inserting special application substances into the interference arm, this will change the wavefront and phase, thereby analyzing the wavefront and phase information of the substance by the variation of the interference fringe distribution.


Typical application

This system kit can be applied to the following aspects:

  •  Measurement of refractive index change of transparent materials
  •  Transparent matter phase change measurement research
  •  Surface correlation measurement researches

(If there are special requirements of light source or interference arm insertion of research materials, etc., please discuss the program and customize it with us.)

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